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How We Diagnose And Treat Sleep Apnea

When you imagine diagnosing and treating sleep apnea, you may assume you’re looking forward to trying to rest in a lab setting and wearing a CPAP machine. You may be trying to use a CPAP now, and may find it doesn’t work for you. But our team offers a more convenient and comfortable alternatives. At […]

Why Is Sleep Apnea A Health Risk?

Problems with sleep apnea can lead to disruptive snoring and labored breathing, which can keep your partner awake. What you should know is that the problem is more than just an inconvenience, as it causes serious interference with your rest and puts your general health at risk! Our Tampa, FL sleep clinic can help you […]

Is Your Sleep Disorder Affecting Your Life?

If your loved ones have started to mention your loud and concerning snoring, use this as a sign that you should make an appointment with a sleep specialist. This could be a symptom of chronic obstructive sleep apnea, which is a common sleep disorder that can contribute to serious health problems if you do not […]

We Have A Comfortable CPAP Alternative

While effective for treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the CPAP machine is often loud, cumbersome, and uncomfortable for patients in need for sleep treatment. Which means they may simply stop using it, and allow their OSA to grow in severity. Fortunately, Sleep Better Tampa offers a comfortable and convenient alternative with oral appliance therapy.

When Your Snoring Upsets Your Partner

Without a good night’s rest, it can be hard to face the challenges of an ordinary day, let alone one that will be especially busy. Unfortunately, many people experience sleep disruptions that regularly interfere with their energy levels, quality of life, and even their health. If you have difficulty breathing at night, you may be […]

When Sleep Apnea Troubles You

When sleep apnea starts to affect you, it can quickly take an alarming toll on your physical and mental well-being. The inability to rest properly can leave you struggling with fatigue and feelings of irritability. It can also make changes to your blood pressure and complicate your capacity to manage other health conditions! Sleep Better […]

Sleep Apnea Care Without A CPAP Mask

Sleep apnea’s effects can be identified during the daytime. While the condition itself affects your sleep, you can experience problems throughout the daytime. They include problems with fatigue, irritability and a lack of focus, trouble staying awake, and other quality of life issues. There are also real health concerns, including problems with hypertension, that can […]

What Can You Do to Improve Sleep Apnea Symptoms?

As you already know, sleep apnea symptoms have a major negative impact on your daily life. From lack of sleep to trouble concentrating, it hurts your quality of life. By treating the symptoms, one study found a quality of life improvement from 26% to 76%. There are multiple things you can do to start improving […]

5 of the Most Common Signs of Sleep Apnea

While the signs of sleep apnea are sometimes subtle, this medical condition can drastically affect your sleep quality. This sleep disorder comes in both obstructive, when your throat muscles relax, and central when your brain isn’t signaling you to breathe properly. The first step to diagnosis is recognizing the signs. 1. You Snore Loudly