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When Sleep Apnea Troubles You

sleep apnea trouble conceptWhen sleep apnea starts to affect you, it can quickly take an alarming toll on your physical and mental well-being. The inability to rest properly can leave you struggling with fatigue and feelings of irritability. It can also make changes to your blood pressure and complicate your capacity to manage other health conditions! Sleep Better Tampa is prepared to help when the signs of this condition start to arise and worry you. With a custom guard, we can actually treat this condition without asking you to start relying on a CPAP machine during the night.

Don’t Take Signs Of Sleep Apnea Lightly!

Simply put, if you fail to treat sleep apnea like a serious issue, it can create more problems for you to worry over in a short time. This condition causes nightly breathing struggles that leave you unable to remain at rest. Because your body is forced out of sleep repeatedly, you no longer complete your rest cycles like you are supposed to, which can reduce the benefits of sleep. What this leads to are problems with both your physical and mental health. As the condition continues to go unaddressed, you prolong issues with sleep deprivation that sap your energy, worsen your mood, and even jeopardize your health!

Snoring Is Not The Only Symptom To Watch For

Snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea many people may recognize quickly, but it is one that a person typically must be told about. If your partner is a heavy sleeper or you do not have someone who can alert you to the problem, it can remain undetected. There are other signs of trouble that you can watch out for. Changes in your mood due to fatigue and a lack of focus can stem from sleep apnea. You can also experience problems with short term memory related to your condition. Sleep troubles are also able to interfere with your blood pressure, elevating it and making you more vulnerable to new issues.

What A Custom Guard Does To Treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea

With a custom oral appliance, your airways can stay open throughout the night, stopping the interference with your breathing that has made rest difficult. We can provide a guard that is just the right shape and size to remain secure and keep your jaw in the right position to protect you. For many who worry about the effects of a CPAP machine on their nightly rest, this can provide the right results while minimizing changes to your nightly routine.

Sleep Better Tampa Can Help You Move Past Sleep Apnea Troubles

If you are growing concerned about sleep apnea and want to know what you can do to treat it, please reach out to Sleep Better Tampa today at (813) 607-5337.