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We Have A Comfortable CPAP Alternative

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While effective for treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the CPAP machine is often loud, cumbersome, and uncomfortable for patients in need for sleep treatment. Which means they may simply stop using it, and allow their OSA to grow in severity. Fortunately, Sleep Better Tampa offers a comfortable and convenient alternative with oral appliance therapy.

The Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea means that as you rest soft tissues in your throat and the back of your mouth block air passages. So, you stop breathing briefly. This interrupts your sleep cycle and could happen hundreds of times in a night, even if you don’t recall these episodes. During the day, you struggle with exhaustion and irritability, and could suffer from chronic snoring, dry mouth, headaches, and episodes of waking in the night struggling to breathe or gasping for air. Without treatment, this could place strain on both your immune and cardiovascular systems. Which is why you should see us when you experience any of these potential symptoms.

The Downsides of CPAP

The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine is a common treatment option for sleep apnea. However, studies show that an estimated 83% of people using the device quit. This is often due to disorder, as the device is linked to issues with congestion and seasonal allergies, deviated septum, skin and face irritation. Dryness and bleeding in the sinus cavities are sometimes reported, as are respiratory infections, abdominal bloating, and a sense of claustrophobia for some people. The device could also impact the sleep of your significant other. But with oral appliance therapy, we have an option that provides relief with the use of this loud and cumbersome device!

The Benefits of Oral Appliance Therapy

An oral appliance will look and fit like a mouthguard, and will be worn as you sleep at night. The device is custom-fitted for your smile based on detailed digital images we take of your bite. The device will then move the jaw and tongue in a forward position, and keep soft tissues in the throat from blocking air passages. You then breathe without interruption and avoid these symptoms of OSA.

The device is quiet, comfortable, and easy to clean and store. It travels with you easily, requires no electricity, and prevents feelings of claustrophobia. You also avoid skin irritations, a reduced risk of bruxism (teeth grinding), and don’t need to worry about being tangled up in hoses!

If you have any questions about how we treat OSA with a comfortable and convenient oral appliance, then contact our team today to learn more.

Sleep Better Tampa Can Offer Comfortable Treatment

Our team wants to make sure your treatment is a comfortable and effective one. To learn more about oral appliance therapy, then please reach out to Sleep Better Tampa today at (813) 607-5337.