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Sleep Apnea Care Without A CPAP Mask

woman frustrated by partner's snoring sleep apnea conceptSleep apnea’s effects can be identified during the daytime. While the condition itself affects your sleep, you can experience problems throughout the daytime. They include problems with fatigue, irritability and a lack of focus, trouble staying awake, and other quality of life issues. There are also real health concerns, including problems with hypertension, that can affect you. Fortunately, you can receive help at our Tampa, FL treatment office. We provide an alternative to support via a CPAP machine. Instead of this device, we can recommend you use a custom oral guard. The appliance is tailored to fit you; when in place, it will keep your airways open so that you breathe steadily through the night.

Sleep Apnea Can Pose A Serious Risk To Your Well-Being

Obstructive sleep apnea stops you from breathing steadily at night. The problem is with obstructions from soft tissues in the throat that cause airway obstructions. Brief and partial obstructions can cause you to snore and make other awkward noises. Sleep apnea is a problem with prolonged interference. The time you spend without oxygen negatively impacts your blood pressure. It also leads to your body waking periodically, disrupting your sleep cycle. You can have a harder time feeling refreshed and focused when you wake up because of these interruptions. You can also have a tougher time managing physical and mental health conditions while the problem stays untreated.

Using A Custom Oral Appliance Instead Of A CPAP Machine

If you recognize signs of sleep apnea or receive a warning that it might help you, our treatment office is here to help. In fact, we can actually offer support without asking you to depend on a CPAP mask and machine. The CPAP treatment approach provides continuous airway pressure to keep your breathing steady. Another approach relies on a custom guard that will keep your jaw in a position that prevents airway obstructions. When your airways are no longer cut off, you remain at rest and stay safe from the physical effects of sleep apnea!

Talk To Your Tampa, FL Treatment Office About Oral Appliance Therapy For Sleep Apnea!

The signs of sleep apnea should trouble you, and so should the effect this condition will have on your health if it is not treated. One reason you might hesitate to seek care is that you are worried you will need to depend on a CPAP machine for support. These devices offer important support, but adjusting to their use can be difficult. Whether you have not started care or abandoned your CPAP machine, know that another treatment option is available. Sleep Better Tampa can provide help in the form of a customized oral appliance that keeps your airways open and your breathing consistent! If you would like to learn more about treatment with this tailored guard, call our Tampa, FL treatment office today at (813) 640-4086.