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Treating Your Sleep Apnea Without CPAP

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Do you wake up each morning feeling as if you did not get a full night’s rest? Do friends or family tell you you snore loudly each night? If so, you may suffer from sleep apnea, a condition that obstructs your ability to breathe while asleep. When this happens, your brain wakes you up constantly throughout the night to avoid suffocating. While you may not remember jolting awake, your body becomes unable to complete a full sleep cycle, leading to chronic sleep deprivation. Symptoms include inability to focus, bad mood, headaches, serious fatigue. As your day-to-day life suffers, you develop more severe underlying health conditions as well. Sleep apnea is associated with increased risk for hypertension, heart disease, and other cardiovascular problems.

At our Tampa, FL, sleep center, we offer an alternative treatment to traditional CPAP therapy through the use of a custom oral appliance. Oral appliance therapy (OAT) takes specific measurements of your oral structures to create a mouthguard you wear before bed each night. By readjusting the position of your jaw, your throat stays open, allowing you to breathe and enjoy your rest.

When You Have Sleep Apnea, Your Health Is Under Attack

Obstructive sleep apnea prevents your lungs from taking in a full breathe as the soft tissues of your throat and mouth close. When this happens, your brain automatically wakes you up to gasp for  air. You may not remember this event that repeats over and over throughout the night, but when you awake, you feel as if you did not sleep at all. While seeking treatment for your snoring can offer significant benefits to the wellbeing of your family, curing your apnea is vital to preserving your health. We can help you restore your mood by allowing you to enjoy a full night’s sleep again.

Designing Your Custom Oral Appliance

When you receive a sleep apnea diagnosis, finding a quality therapy that fits into your daily life can be a game changer. Unfortunately, certain patients find a CPAP machine too intrusive to use on a reliable nightly basis. This is why we provide an alternative treatment with custom oral appliance therapy. When you wear your oral guard at night, your airways remain open, allowing you to breathe fully.

Speak With Your Tampa, FL Treatment Office About Oral Appliance Therapy For Sleep Apnea!

If you wake up each morning feeling sluggish or your family complains of snoring, you should seek an apnea diagnosis. When we detect this problem, we can help you explore your options for keeping your airways open at night. Because your sleep is vital for your overall health, do not take it for granted! If you would like to learn more about treatment with a custom guard, call our Tampa, FL treatment office today at (813) 640-4086.