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CPAP Alternatives

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If you’re struggling to use your CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) treatment for sleep apnea, you might be interested to learn about CPAP alternatives. Juliet Bulnes-Newton, DMD, at Sleep Better Tampa in Florida, provides several alternatives to CPAP to relieve sleep apnea symptoms. Call the office or schedule an appointment online to learn more.

CPAP Alternatives Q&A

Why would I need CPAP alternatives?

While CPAP is the most common treatment for sleep apnea, there are alternative treatments to relieve sleep apnea symptoms. Some people find it difficult to adjust to the continuous positive airway pressure provided by a CPAP machine and might benefit from other sleep apnea treatments.

What are the available CPAP alternatives?

As a dental sleep medicine provider, Dr. Bulnes-Newton offers several alternatives to CPAP, including:

Oral Appliances

Oral devices similar to mouthguards work like snoring mouthpieces. Sleep Better Tamp adjusts the device to gently move the jaw forward to help maintain a wider airway when you sleep. Some oral appliances have a hinge that allows you to open your mouth while wearing the device, and some are made of high grade medical material or silicone.

Are there at-home treatments for CPAP alternatives?

If your sleep apnea is related to being overweight or obese, weight loss is an effective CPAP alternative. Diet and exercise can help you reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea, but if you are obese and unable to lose weight through traditional approaches, you may want to consider bariatric surgery.

Are sleep apnea surgeries possible CPAP alternatives?

Yes, various sleep apnea surgical procedures are designed to relieve the symptoms of sleep apnea and improve breathing when you sleep. Children with obstructive sleep apnea often get a tonsillectomy and/or adenoidectomy as the first treatment option, while surgery is usually a second treatment option if others have failed.


Finding appropriate CPAP alternatives is vital if the CPAP treatment isn’t effective for you. Sleep apnea is a potentially deadly sleep disorder. Dr. Bulnes-Newton helps determine the best sleep apnea treatment for your needs. Call to schedule a consultation or use the convenient online tool to book an appointment today.