About Sleep Better Tampa

Dental Sleep Medicine located in Tampa, FL

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About Sleep Better Tampa

Sleep Better Tampa in Florida is a dental practice specializing in sleep medicine. Founded by Juliet Bulnes-Newton, DMD, a trusted sleep expert with over 15 years of experience, Sleep Better Tampa is dedicated to improving the sleep quality of adult male and female patients age 18 and older who suffer from sleep-disordered breathing.

Sleep Better Tampa caters to patients whose snoring and sleep disorders have received a sleep apnea diagnosis. Primary care doctors and sleep doctors regularly refer their patients to Sleep Better Tampa for customized treatment options. Dr. Bulnes-Newton and the experienced team work closely with each patient to find FDA-approved medical-grade custom-fabricated appliances, CPAP alternatives, and snoring solutions that relieve sleep apnea symptoms and help patients experience improved sleep and reduced risk of associated health complications.

The team at Sleep Better Tampa stays up-to-date on the latest technology for sleep apnea treatments and is committed to continued education for sleep apnea and other sleep disorders to ensure their patients receive the highest quality care. Call today to schedule an appointment or reach out online.